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The workshops I have attended were profoundly transformative, liberating and empowering for me.


As a Basic Master Teacher and 13D Teacher, the workshops which I can facilitate are these:


I am very grateful for those amazing experiences, beautiful and powerful meditations, exercices. I want to share this knowledge, these meditations with other people who want to evolve, to find their inner peace, to know themselves better, being aware and responsible of their full potential, connected with their intuition, rediscovering their wisdom, infinite Love without conditions, remembering the truth, how they can transform their fears, blockages, thoughts, emotions, energies, and therefore the reality,  to be free, to be conscious cocreators respecting all life forms, in harmony, non-judgement and balance with everything that is and live more and more from their true essence.

Who we are and what we are, have an impact on the whole world. Everything is interconnected.

Email address: mihaela.constantin.555@gmail.com

Phone: (+40) 0744790463

Country and city of activity: Romania, Bucharest (and other cities)

Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/1MihaelaConstantin

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EvolutiaIntreguluiPotentialCreatoriDeRealitati