The Crystal Sciences Workshop

Only given by John Armitage/Hari Baba himself, this workshop is an experience in itself. Participants learn to connect with the energy of crystals and use them as a tool to bring harmony, balance and even healing for themselves and others.

Crystals, unlike human beings, have a very constant vibration and can be programmed in many different ways. This means that they are extremely versatile in the untold number of ways that they can be put to use.

His broad knowledge means that John Armitage is able to offer a broad and deep understanding of the basic principles involved so that each individual is then able to use their own creativity from there onwards.

Course Duration: 5 days (minimum 40 hours)

Prerequisite       : none

Course Content :
Working With Crystals
Crystal Programming
Quartz Crystal Types
Clearing Crystals
De-Programming Previously Programmed Crystals
35 Crystal and Gemstone Properties Explained
How to Identify Crystal Types Through Their Shapes and Terminations
Crystal Consciousness Explained
How We as Humans Interact with Crystals Multi-Dimensionally
Meditation – Becoming the Keepers of Crystals
Crystalline Programming in the Bodies
Golden Triad Energies and Practical Meditation to Activate
Mind Centre Activation – How To Do It
Working With Crystal Clusters
Basic Crystal Layouts for Healing – Layouts for Various Diseases
Crystals for Change
Gem Ray Connections
The Cosmic Geometry of Gems
Using the Gem Ray Connection – Practical Meditation
Special Properties of Quartz
Laboratory Grown Crystals
Channeling Crystal Energy into the Aura
Properties of Minerals – Practical Working Chart
Fire, Air , Water and Earth Stones – What They Are and Their Effects on The Bodies and Consciousness
Gems in Our Bodies
Healing with Colour, Sound and Crystals
Advanced Crystal Mandalas for Expansion of Consciousness and Healing
Back Up and Support
The School of Esoteric Sciences
Use It or Lose It