The 13D Master workshop

For anyone on the path to personal transformation and self realization this workshop is a real gift to the self. In this amazing workshop in a systematic and thorough, well crafted whole the participant is brought back into strong contact with their own personal true core essence.

A deep rebalancing of the mind/body/electro-magnetic system can be realized. The individual usually takes a huge step forwards on their own personal path of transformation. The biggest requirement is to be able to allow and let go.

The personal capacity to receive and share energy will grow impressively in the course of the workshop and continue to do so afterwards.

Course Duration: 4 days (minimum 32 hours)

Prerequisite: No prerequisites.  Anyone who feels called to can take this course.

Course Content :

13 Activations
DNA Activations and Clearances
DNA Reprogramming
DNA and Its Limitations to Consciousness
Chakra clearings
Antahkarana activation
Lightbody activation
Integration of Personal Mastery
Energy Practice
Use It or Lose It
The Foundation - It's Aims and Objectives
The Associations
The School of Esoteric Sciences & Americas Association
Back Up and Support