The Basic Master Teacher

This workshop enables those who have done the Basic Master workshop, or the 13D Master or Teacher workshop to pass on the Basic Master workshop and the Basic Master Teacher workshop. Many people find this workshop gives them self confidence in talking about the New Paradigm MDT system and the Shamballa energies even if they have no wish or intention to give workshops themselves. It can also be useful for those who give sessions and share the energies with others in that way for this reason.

Course Duration:
At  least 3 days (8 hours a day).  Those with no teaching experience may prefer to take a 4 or 5 day course.

  Either the 13D Master or Teacher, or  Basic.

Course Contents
The Philosophy of New Paradigm MDT
Theory of disease and the emotional body
Theory of channelling healing energy
How to facilitate healing sessions
Grounding after healing
How to treat yourself
How to treat others
Brain balancing
Brain balancing exercises
Activation of Antahkarana
Healing practice, Information on chakras
What self Mastery means to you as an individual
The responsibilities of Mastery
Responsibility to students as a master teacher
How to activate others
How to clear energy blockages from the bodies
Healing and activation practice
How to facilitate a workshop
Staying in Touch & the Foundation
On Freedom & Boundaries