The 13D Master Teacher

Only given by John Armitage/Hari Baba himself, this workshop enables those who have done the 9 day intensive to be able to pass on the 13D Master  workshop themselves. Many people who do this workshop however do it purely for their own personal inner development. In this workshop you will learn to channel and give activations so as to be able to channel the energy for any workshops you may go on to give yourself.

Course Duration: 9 days (minimum 72 hours)

Prerequisite: At least one New Paradigm MDT course, preferably 13D Healer



Course Content :

How to Clear Energy Blockages from Cellular Structure, Multi-Dimensional
Bodies & DNA
What Are These Blockages and Why We Have Them
DNA Reprogramming (how to)
DNA and Its Limitations to Consciousness
DNA and Disease
DNA and Inherited Genetic Tendencies
What are the 13 Activations
Sacred Geometry and its Effects on the Bodies
Light Body Activations (how to)
What Denial of Wholeness Truly Is
How You Constantly Disempower Yourself Through Affirmation
The Power of the Spoken Word - How to Use It
How to Work with Your Intuition
How to Channel Energies for Yourself and Others
The Human Body and Energy System as a Crystal
Crystalline Programming in the Bodies - How to Reprogram
What to Expect During Clearances and Reprogramming and How to Deal with it
Alpha & Omega Priesthood of Melchizedek Initiation
13 Activations
How to give Activations to Others
Healing and Activation Practice
Proving Your Ability to Work with Intuition
What True Mastery Really Means
Fear - What it is and How to Deal with it in Yourself and Others
Use It or Lose It
How to Facilitate the 13D Classes in a Supportive and Caring Way
The New Paradigm MDT®- It's Aims and Objectives
The School of Esoteric Sciences & Its Structure (Associations, Funds, etc.)
Back Up and Support