Courses overview

The Basic Master Workshop

This workshop introduces the full spectrum of the Shamballa energy and more to the entire mind/body/electro-magnetic system of the participants. It allows the person to feel and experience these energies and become acclimatized to them. These energies have a powerful grounding effect and start up a process of coming into more balance and Love. From this workshop onwards these energies will flow through the person continuously day and night supporting the process towards balance and Love and keeping it on-going. This allows the person to be able to share the energy with others simply by touch.
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The Basic Master Teacher Workshop

This workshop enables those who have done the Basic Master workshop, or the 13D Master or Teacher workshop to pass on the Basic Master workshop and the Basic Master Teacher workshop. Many people find this workshop gives them a lot of self confidence in talking about the New Paradigm MDT system and the Shamballa energies even if they have no wish or intention to give workshops themselves. It can also be useful for those who give sessions and share the energies with others in that way for this reason.
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The 13D Master Workshop

For anyone on the path to personal transformation and self realization this workshop is a real gift to the self. In this amazing workshop in a systematic and thorough, well crafted whole the participant is brought back into strong contact with their own personal true core essence.
A deep rebalancing of the mind/body/electro-magnetic system can be realized. The individual usually takes a huge step forwards on their own personal path of transformation. The biggest requirement is to be able to allow and let go.
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The 13D Teacher Workshop

Only given by John Armitage/Hari Baba himself, this workshop enables those who have done the 9 day intensive to be able to pass on the 13D Master workshop themselves. Many people who do this workshop however do it purely for their own personal inner development. In this workshop you will learn to channel and give activations so as to be able to channel the energy for any workshops you may go on to give yourself.
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The White Powder Gold Workshop

In many respects this workshop could be seen as a next step after the 13D workshop even though it can also be followed without having previously done a New Paradigm MDT workshop. White Powder Gold is a substance that is called “exotic” in the scientific community because it does not adhere to the normal rules of physics/biology/chemistry. It does however have a very interesting number of properties that seem to have been recognized and understood back in Ancient Egypt and put to use by the priests and Pharaoh’s themselves.
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The Crystal Sciences Workshop

Only given by John Armitage/Hari Baba himself, this workshop is an experience in itself. Participants learn to connect with the energy of crystals and use them as a tool to bring harmony, balance and even healing for themselves and others.
Crystals, unlike human beings, have a very constant vibration and can be programmed in many different ways. This means that they are extremely versatile in the untold number of ways that they can be put to use.
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The Gem Remedies Workshop

This workshop is a 21st century application of the principles of Homeopathy and Ayurvedic applications of working with gems and crystals. With his vast experience and knowledge of Homeopathy coupled with his training in India, John Armitage/Hari Baba shares a wealth of knowledge and understanding in this workshop. There are in fact five levels to this workshop which is generally given as: levels 1+2 then 3+4 and then 5 separately.
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The Memories Of The Soul Workshop

This workshop is a journey through the history of humanity starting way back in time before even living on planet Earth. In the workshop we will be visiting various star systems, visiting key periods in planetary history on Earth and moving forward to the now and beyond. We will also be visiting other time-lines, parallel Universes and other existences.
This workshop reunites the individual energetically with parts of the self that have become separated and greatly expands the consciousness.
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The Ascension Workshop

This workshop is strongly focused on the process of integrating more and more Divine Light into the physical structure. Ascension codes are activated to assist people in the process of growing towards being able to move out of this 3rd dimensional reality retaining the physical vehicle. This is the meaning of Ascension.
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The Stargate Workshop

A star-gate is practically speaking a doorway granting easy access to multidimensional realities and frequencies. The star-gate is based on Sacred Geometry and how it works and the various features will be dealt with in these 2 days.
Due to the huge changes that have - and are - occurring on planet Earth in the energies available the stargate now grants access to galactic/intergalactic/universal/inter-universal realities.
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