Questions & Answers

What is MDT (Multi-Dimensional Transformation)?
What are the New Paradigm Energies?
Why is the name New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation?
Why is the term Multi-Dimensional used?
What is a dimension of reality?
What is an activation?
Is there a difference between an activation, an attunement and an initiation?
What is happening during the activations in these classes?
What is New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation?
What can I expect from doing a workshop in New Paradigm MDT?
What can I expect to happen to me after doing a workshop?


Why are the workshops levels 1 to 4 no longer being taught?
I have done levels workshop up to level 4. Can I now just do the Basic Teacher workshop?
If I have already done the levels 1-4 workshops, am I not just repeating them when I do the Basic workshops?


Why are level 1-4 workshops still being given?


Why have the symbols been dropped from the workshops?


Aren’t the New Paradigm MDT Basic Master and the 13D Master workshops more or less the same?


What is the difference among these energies: New Paradigm MDT, The Mahatma Love without conditions, and The Golden Flower Of Life?


Do these three energies have different purposes in clearing, healing, evolution?


Can children be activated? What is proper age?


What is the difference between the New Paradigm MDT and Reiki?



Who is allowed to teach the New Paradigm MDT 13D Master workshop?


Who is allowed to teach the New Paradigm MDT Basic Master workshop?


Who may order certificates?