The Worldwide NPMDT Associations Update ~ March 2014

The Worldwide NPMDT Associations Update ~ March 2014

The Worldwide NPMDT Associations Update ~ March 2014

Finland NPMDT Association:

The New Paradigm MDT Finland association was founded October 5th 2013. As the founding meeting  “coincidentally” happened the exact same time as our French brothers and sister was founding their association,  we joined them in meditation before starting the founding meeting, with feeling of togetherness and oneness with our global family. The purpose of the association is to promote New Paradigm MDT teachings in Finland, serve as a connecting and info point to our Finnish family, as well as function as a link to the school of Esoteric Science, BCMA and the other regional associations founded under the School.

The association is creating events to gather the Finnish family to meditate together and give the opportunity as well for persons who has not yet got the training to join us in “open to all” meditation events. The first meditation event of this kind was organized in Tampere, December 2013. The meditation event was great. Three teachers was facilitating one  meditation; there was one clearance meditation, one heart meditation with the goddess and one with mother earth, very powerful indeed. Three of our sisters in Tampere are involved in an amateur theater as director and actors, so as a little Christmas celebration members of the association went to see the theater play the evening before our meditation event. The next open to all meditation event, is scheduled for February 15th 2014 in the Capital region of Helsinki.

The association is as well organizing a summer gathering in the countryside for the New Paradigm Finland family, where we will organize meditations in the nature, connecting with nature spirits and power places, swim in the lake, have sauna and chanting by the fire in the evening etc. The place is an old farmhouse owned by one of our sister’s family, there is a few sleeping places indoors but most of us will be camping in tents.

New Paradigm MDT Finland is open to co-operate with our Brothers and Sisters of the other New Paradigm associations globally, in creating and organizing joint events in the future where we can connect and learn to know each other better, and in doing so promoting oneness and togetherness within our global family.

Blessings and love to all,
New Paradigm Finland Association

Dutch NPMDT Association:

I have been asked for an introduction to the NP Association. We were the original Association set up legally in 2006. The original set up was to be one Association for everyone around the world who wanted to join together and support one another and to also give something back to the wonderful energies and system we had been given. We have to work with the reality of what is, and so we have moved on to a new stage and set up. In this development we now have 4 associations and more to come. It will be very interesting to see how that will develop, grow and work in the coming years. As the first association we have already got the organizational side all set up and running smoothly. Of course this association is now much smaller than it was before from the members moving into the new localized associations. It is a period of adjustment and waiting to hear what John Armitage has in mind for the coming period for the associations. It is not yet clear what the possible role of the association may be so we have opted for a registration style association as they have in the US for this first period of “wait and see what develops”.
We have however had a new initiative. Realizing how difficult it is to come to a global and inclusive Love without Conditions on the one hand, and the realization that if it is already such a difficult thing for those who have been activated in Shamballa earlier, New Paradigm now - how much harder must it be for our human brothers and sisters to tap into this Love and ground it for themselves on the other hand, the board made the suggestion to the members to join together on a daily basis to ground in this energy and make it available to the entire planet. We have a group of us who wanted to do this.

We join on a daily basis and form together a web of love from person to person, pouring this Love through the web and the spaces between us. We are keeping to small groups with a fixed number of names and places to connect to. this keeps it intimate and personal while opening to the global. It is a very interesting experience to be working with and I can recommend it to any others interested in working closely with a group of people. At this time I notice that keeping to a small group of known names and including some 3D interaction works well. If the group is too big it becomes impersonal and vague and easy to lose sight of and stay motivated. This reminds me of the healing workers in the temples in Atlantis. There was worked with groups of 12 with a 13th as connecting point to other groups of 12. A tiered approach. Not because the 13th was higher or more important but just to have strong tight working units. The 13th was then one in another group of 12. And so on. I see that it works because of the intimacy and closeness you build together...


Americas NPMDT Association: 

Membership cost $99.00 per year, pro rated at 8.25 per month for those joining in a month other than January....   so a years membership goes from Jan 1st to Dec 31st of any given year.

The money goes to an assortment of things, we were able to send a large amount to Baba for his legal fees.  We were able to cover a shortfall to Baba and Phyllis when new manuals and certs were going out.  We are paying for Phyllis's internet connection.

Anyone who joins in January can have an upgraded profile on the website (usual cost of that is $50.00)

For additional information Contact:
Barbara J Allen

French NPMDT Association:

The French NPMDT association was launched by John on October 5th 2013, and is called: Association New Paradigm MDT France. The registration fee is 88€, which includes 36€ to be registered with the BCMA, and 10€ for the School of Esoteric Sciences.

It offers a 10% discount on all events organised by the associations NPMDT France and Lakshmi.

The membership period is the same as for the BCMA, from October 1st to September 30th.

For additional information Contact:
Flore Judges