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New Paradigm MDT Basic Master onsite
New Paradigm MDT 13D Master onsite
New Paradigm MDT - Basic Master onsite

For a long time, Shamballa has a very profund impact on me. I can not remeber when I first heard about this realm, but every time it happens something vibrates inside me. That’s why descovering New Paradigm MDT was a turning point in my life as I had been able to feel the energy of Shamballa and the transformation power it brings.

I am grateful to Anisoara Cișmașu and Hari Baba as well as to Multidimentional masters for being part of my journey and for sharing with me the wonderful gift of New Paradigm MDT. Today, I am proud and happy to facilitate New Paradigm MDT Basic Master and 13D Master workshops in Bucharest and soon in other places.

I am that I am love!

Contact: dalinageorgescu@yahoo.com