Stargate Workshop Experience 2013

Stargate Workshop Experience 2013

Stargate Workshop Experience 2013

Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA

On July 27 & 28, 2013 I was so fortunate to attend the first ever Stargate Workshop, facilitated by John Armitage/Baba in Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA. The workshop itself was well attended. Forty Five Shamballans showed up for it, from all corners of our planet. It was amazing to meet so many of our family and share besides an incredibly delicious breakfast and lunch, a kinship and ancestry with them. Though I have experienced things like that before, never of this scope and scale! Can you tell I was a first timer in terms of participating in a workshop with John?

John started by sharing his apprehension having to address our impressive group, and shared of another experience where he had to face a big crowd and said things that needed to be said that totally rocked the crowd, and not so much the organizers of the event.  So all of us had chance to laugh, to melt, to shake off jitters of our own apprehension as we were quite the guinea pigs knowing things were going to change, and not at all how this was going to affect us. Intention and attention was all we had to go on. It became obvious that through it all there was plenty of support available for us on all levels.

The first day we visited the Melchizedek and Microtonic/Shekinah Universes in a meditation. This meditation went very deeply into aspects of the Divine Male and Female energies. We also experienced a channeled meditation on using imagination on world peace with the being we all know as John Lennon. I received images of people looking each other in the eyes, looking deeper and dropping their armor and their weapons, as they experienced we are all brothers and sisters and are all connected to the same source. I received images of these people hugging each other and crying tears of joy for having found each other at long last. Next the armor and weapons turned to flowers and food, with everyone sharing and caring for each other and our magnificent Mother Earth. The last meditation was a channeled message with the most amazing, soothing downloads and activations from a beautiful being known as Morwanu, a gallactic master.

Another thing we did on the first day was an exercise in experiencing and grounding the energies of the Stargate. Six people sat on the floor inside the Stargate, and everyone else sat around in chairs positioned in the shape of a spiral around it. One person held on to one of the pillars, and everyone behind him or her had their hands on the heart chakra on someone’s back. John/Baba sat at the very end, channeling the energies, passing them on. He asked us to do the same and ground the energies, with quiet, focused intent. After one round of that, the six people in the Stargate moved out of it, and into the spiral as the one who held on to the Stargate moved into its center along with five others behind her or him. This process went on for a few hours until all forty five of us had been inside the Stargate. Those of us who were there know it took quite some effort before we knew how to move around and continue that quiet focus.

As in every workshop there was sharing how we experienced and witnessed activities, as well as meditations, and what came up for us.

The next day I noticed quite a few had agreed to receive transmissions through me telepathically. As an empath, I felt what everyone was feeling as subject to change. Needless to say my own issues that are in need of transmutation were now amplified, and so I got to the workshop feeling quite jittery. After another amazing breakfast we got straight down to business. Baba/John provided a meditation in which he served as a channel for an intergallactic master, a being who said he had an immaterial name which was impossible to pronounce. He guided us to Guatemala where, hidden inside a jungle, was a pyramid. Inside this pyramid we met this intergallactic being, who was a shaman. He wanted us to know he was not the kind of shaman that would go around with a drum, saying to stay away from evil spirits. He was basically very quiet, and only spoke (softly in a deep voice) when absolutely necessary. In the middle of the pyramid there was an extra-terrestial crystal. It looks much like a quartz crystal, with inclusions of green and blue.

It all appeared to me vividly. I observed that the crystal vibrations of the inclusions were very unusual. The green had a similar vibration as prenite, but different. And the blue reminded me of a combination of the frequencies of the kinds of spectralite you see in opalite, moonstone and labradorite. The intergallactic master/shaman had very long hair that he wore as a cloak. The outer layer was rather course. Underneath there were layers of very shiny, smooth and silky golden and silver strands. The coarse outer layer to me represented realities perceived as hard, that needed to be shed, transmuted. The frequencies of the intergallactic codes and activations felt very soothing, gentle and loving.

Next we did two rounds of experiencing, sharing and grounding the energies of the Stargate. On this day it had twice the amount of double terminated quartz crystals on each one of its pillars. You can say the energies were appropriately amplified with it, and all the meditations and activities.

As for me, StarGate energies are still integrating and being grounded. It is so beautiful to experience more balance and harmony as I integrate the most gentle and profound male and female Divine Love, expressed in the One Heart - the higher and lower heart chakras combined as One. I enjoy how it gently nudges me to accept and allow more compassion, more empathy and more Love in more aspects of my daily Earthly life.

The physical Stargate itself was offered up for sale, and purchased by Liz Rojas for her center in Chicago, Illinois! So anyone who wants to visit it can contact Liz on the Yahoo forum or in the various groups we have on facebook. Also, if you would love to have Stargate and workshop in your community, please contact John directly.

If you like to read a more personal account of how I experience(d) the StarGate and its influence, you can visit my blog:  And all who have experienced the StarGate with me, either in person or in Spirit, please visit my blog too and share your experience!

Shamballa On – Mahatma On!

Nell Tomassen Reboh
Newsletter Editorial Team