Senegal Project Update – October 2013

Senegal Project Update – October 2013

Senegal Project Update - October 2013

Free healing center in Nianing, Senegal

As most of you know, Sandie left for Senegal a year and a half ago to settle there in order to bring a project of the NPMDT family into this community, in the form of a free homeopathic dispensary and energy healing center.

In just a year many things have changed, and even if the different steps succeeded each other with their share of constraints, love and light continues to lift this healing center in every moment.

The center is open every morning, Monday to Friday, and everyone who so wishes is welcome to receive a session, a homeopathic remedy or a listener. People are welcomed by Sandie, accompanied by Doudou and Yaya, who got activated to the NPMDT energies.

The center is always full, more and more people come every day, from a growing number of remote villages. Besides her daily presence at the center, Sandie visits some villages on Mondays and Wednesdays, after agreement and arrangements with the local authorities, (the Senegalese way !) who are happy to welcome her. She provides homeopathic remedies, for instance to heal diabetes, high blood pressure, constipation, hemorroids, sickle-cell anemia…the results are astonishing.

Interventions and awareness campaigns are being offered to the population, who is received en masse - 50 to 100 people - always benevolently. The prefect, the sub-prefect, even the attorney general of Dakar know about the free healing center and came to meet Sandie to talk and receive sessions, grateful for the work done and our presence in their country. By the way, a day is planned in September for sessions and remedies.

There is no need to talk to you about the results…the words above show you the whole impact. Love works, light opens doors, though it requires daily work to adapt to the local culture. Sandie continuously struggles to get organized within the center and her private life. While reading this short text, you may have the impression that all is wonderful and simple, but know that Sandie, the center, and Senegal really need our support, our prayers and a little word of sincere encouragement is always most welcome and appreciated.

In love and light,

Sophie Barsacq
Vice President
Association Terafra