Senegal Project Update – Feb 2012

Senegal Project Update – Feb 2012

Senegal Project Update - Feb 2012

There excellent news about the homeopathic dispensary project in Senegal. Last year I shared that the village chief offered us a piece of land. I have just spent one week in Senegal to deal with the relevant paperwork for having the legal title to the land. I now have the official papers for the land signed by all authorities, the village chief, councilors, the chairman of the rural community and these steps normally take months and a lot of bribes ....I got the signatures in one day! In exchange I offered healing sessions for all ...

I have signed the construction contract with the builder who contributes (12,000 euros) . The construction of the clinic starts next week and it will be operational in June 2012. I was invited to a meeting that includes 80 women, 23 councilors of municipalities in the region of m 'bour. I explained the project to them and spoke of Shamballa ... all are enchanted and wish that we do the same in their village. So I proposed sessions has all those who wanted it and not surprisingly all have said yes!

I had invited my team because I knew we should have work to do. We have offered each session for free. I'm moving to Senegal in early May, along with my team and we will provide energetic sessions in the clinic for Senegalese who want it. That this project is a reality today is through the support of the foundation, John and Delphine, Flore,  the upstairs department, donors, and the work I've done on site in Senegal for 2 years. I offered hundreds of sessions, 498 activations, five lessons.

A project idea that I suggest to you is a trip to Senegal. The purpose of this trip would be to offer your services at the clinic and visit the area. I would love to share with you this experience.

Finally, to continue this wonderful project, we need donations.

I thank all the family, Shamballa ON!!

With all my love