NPMDT 13D Master, Nov. 30-Dec.3, 2019 Wendell MA USA

NPMDT 13D Master, Nov. 30-Dec.3, 2019 Wendell MA USA onsite

NPMDT 13D Master, Nov. 30-Dec.3, 2019 Wendell MA USA

Phyllis Brooks

January 1, 1970

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About The Program

$388. Includes manual & certificate.Activations to the highest and most recent evolutionary energies available to humanity on this planet.  Clearings, code activations, DNA clearings and activations. Personal activations involving 12 dimensions of these personal transformation energies, plus a 13th activation which opens you to further ones as they become available to humanity and as you are ready.



    45 Plain Rd., Wendell MA 01379


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    • Previous student comments:
      *I feel like a new person and cannot wait to put it all to good use. BL

      *I want to thank you for the 13D Master class. It was a wonderful and powerful and cleansing experience, and the Shamballa energy is really helping me in my personal evolution. M

      *Just wanted to let you know that I really personally benefited from 13D. I have felt a profound shift inside me which was later confirmed when I went to my regular Monday evening class I have attended weekly for about 10 years. The leader said, “WOW! What happened to you? You are covered in green and have a violet flame shooting out of your crown chakra. There’s also been a huge shift in your energy.” Again, thanks for everything. NE

      *I have had such wonderful responses since adding Shamballa energies to my massage sessions. One of my regular clients says she can tell the exact moment when I say “Shamballa On”.  It is so true that the whole energy in the room changes, and my hands heat up instantly.  TC

      *I looked in the mirror once and I saw my true self looking back. The eyes that I was meant to see with are with me now. I will never be the same. AC

      *I have noticed so many changes taking place in my life. …I know that my life is on course and I do trust that where I am is where I’m suppose to be and that this energy came into my life at the perfect time. Thank you for the beautiful and comforting way you facilitated the 13D Master class, and I’m sure we will meet again.  KK

      *The experience of learning New Paradigm MDT and spending time with you really opened me up to a new level of consciousness with myself and the world around me. Thank you! CJ

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