Cambodia School Project Update ~ October 2013

Cambodia School Project Update ~ October 2013

Cambodia School Project Update ~ October 2013

One of our ongoing projects that started in 2010 is a school in Cambodia. The school is located in Kat Phluk village, Bor Seth District in the Province of Kampon Spear. Its name is Shamballa Family School.

Cambodia is rebuilding and healing after 40 years of war. World Assistance for Cambodia is doing a marvelous job offering help in this healing process. Our donations go to a program called the Rural School Project which has built over 530 schools.

Donations and John Armitage`s personal work for this cause have made the following possible:

Funding for construction of the Shamballa Family School, 3 solar panels to power a donated computer and operating expenses, two computers, one digital camera, GPRS connection, optical mouse and salary for a full-time AAFC trained English/computer teacher. His name is Som Samnang. Via monthly reports he shares how the students are developing in their studies.

In many villages girls cannot go to school and as a result of no education the girls are vulnerable to exploitation. World Assistance for Cambodia has a special program called Girls Be Ambitious to prevent the trafficking of girls living in poor conditions for sexual and labor exploitation.

This program offers a stipend for girls and their families so that they can attend school. Financial assistance is provided at $10 per month for each girl. All together this has made a great difference in terms of girls being able to attend school and providing safety and hope for them and their families.

John together with one of his friend sponsored through the School of Esoteric Science (formerly Shamballa School of Esoteric Sciences) 21 girls into this program, and personally bought a bicycle for one of them since she had to walk a long distance to go to school. You can find out more about these girls at

Thank you to all who donated and contributed to this project!

The School of Esoteric Science continues to support these girls and the salary of the English/computer teacher. If you want to contribute to making a difference in the lives of these or more young girls in Cambodia, further assistance and donations are most welcome.

Veronica Ramsdahl
Newsletter Editorial Team