2013 New Paradigm MDT Family Gathering in Leyden, Massachusetts

2013 New Paradigm MDT Family Gathering in Leyden, Massachusetts

2013 New Paradigm MDT Family Gathering in Leyden, Massachusetts

As part of this newsletter it serves to mention that our New Paradigm Associations are here to support us, and of course can return what each of us individually and collectively puts into it, and then some. On that note, please remember the New Year has started, and you can still put in your membership funds, pro-rated up until December 31, 2014. Besides the obvious advantage of enjoying connection and support on more levels with fellow practitioners, for the New Paradigm Americas Association this membership also comes with perks of a free extended profile on our beautiful global site for all who join by January.

On behalf of the New Paradigm Americas Association, Barbara Allen organized a gathering for the family. The occasion was joyfully marked by a visit from Lilja Petra Ásgeirsdóttir and Elli, also known as Erlendur Magnus Magnusson. One of their family members also came along. We very much enjoyed meeting him too. This gathering took place on September 14, 2013 with the help of Ginny (Virginia) Rockwell.  An amazing time was had by all who came together as a group of 12 in all, connecting with Source and with each other.

Heartfelt Love & thanks goes out to Barbara, the association, Ginny, and all who showed up and contributed, along with our teams, and of course Baba who had asked for a seat and received one!

Let’s share the day from a bird’s eye view. Timeless wonder that I am, and challenged at the last minute with finding someone to care for my boys that were still too young to be left for a weekend, I wasn’t aware it started at 10am… So physically I arrived in time for the Pot Luck lunch. I did connect with the group while driving, receiving and grounding beautiful frequencies of colorful light & Love during the times the group checked in with me, wondering if I had gotten lost, smiles... My vehicle took me straight - almost... okay one small detour - to the Leyden Town Hall, in the somewhat remote location where most of the event took place.

So a little bird told me that in the morning, after everyone got introduced or joyfully re-connected, Phyllis Brooks started out with a beautiful Mahatma Meditation, raising the energies of the vortex. For the occasion, Lilja had brought her collection of essences. She lead the group outside on a meditative exploration with these Shamballa infused essences that gently and gradually unleash the power of Iceland’s vast array of natural beauty and elementals. The essences certainly complemented the beautiful surroundings in the wooded mountain area in Massachusetts, where the event took place.  The experience was perceived by all to be a magical journey.

The group also visited a location with war monuments, honoring ones who had fallen during various wars. Collectively, the group experienced a guided focus on not only ending the need for duality, perceived separation, war and related suffering, but also a shared vision of finding ways to resolve conflict peacefully, followed by a powerful clearing meditation, facilitated by Mark Brooks. Most of the frequencies and images of this meditation came through for me while driving, as confirmed during lunch, when I finally caught up with the group.

The Pot Luck Lunch was an absolute feast, with everyone’s homemade,  Shamballa infused delectable goodies. And of course there was noteworthy decadent chocolate for dessert.
Much of the afternoon was spent on a guided nature hike arranged by Ginny Rockwell. It took place in the wooded mountains and along streams, and included exploring two ancient caves. The first cave was quite accessible.  It felt sacred, and the scent in it was unforgettable. Sacred too. Earthy, and yet also there was an energy there that seemed to say the cave was either created or visited by ET brothers and sisters. Its entrance was wide enough for one person to enter, and naturally we all had to bend or squat to get in, but once inside there was room for more, at least three persons to sit comfortably. It’s very possible the first builders and visitors of this cave did not have to bend in order to enter. From visions shared this cave was used for more than one purpose by quite a few different visitors, always offering protection from oppressors or other uninvited forces. It may have been used to offer shelter to ones from the underground railroad, the movement that helped African Americans become free from the kind of slavery they were often violently subjected to. Also, there were visions from Native Americans who may have used the cave during their Vision Quest rituals. For those interested, here’s a modern version of it.
The next cave we visited was quite a hike away from the other one, in which we had to cross a stream or two. It certainly was in need of some energy therapy. Part of it was caved in, though it once had clearly been accessible from two sides. The side that had remained open, was overgrown, and barely accessible. No one felt like going in. So instead, we did what we do, each one of us, quietly provide what is appropriate without question, and attend to the situation and energies at hand.
Upon our return to Town Hall we shared our experiences, and laughed at our plight of exploring still unknown territory, not knowing yet what exactly we did there, and its impact over time, yet doing it anyway in complete trust and surrender.  I was honored to facilitate a channeled meditation on Ka, an energy of profound clarity from the Pleiades a/k/a Play-at-Ease.
In between activities we had time to connect with each other, and again I am reminded just how fortunate we are to be able to gather as like minded – diamond hearted ones and just appreciate each other as we are. Each one of us at the time took notice and shared as much.
The evening was spent by most of us having dinner in town before we parted ways, always reconnecting on the grid. I was fortunate to spend the night at Ginny’s enchanting home, while my boys had a great time staying with friends who love them. The next day I ventured out on another hike, quite a climb higher up in the mountains, with Ginny, and had an amazing exchange with a praying mantis, which eventually concluded in an actual namaste! Clearly our gathering did something to please the nature beings.
Ever since this gathering I have been exploring more caves on astral travel events. I  have received guidance to facilitate these journeys with fellow Shamballans and others. Some of these trips included sites that actually were visited by several of our family - in physical - during the Mahatma of Africa tour previously, hosted and facilitated by Stiaan van der Merwe. At the time I didn't have funds to travel there, but along with others I participated from the astral plane, purely and as it turns out surely by intention. Reports of these journeys to Mount Kilimanjaro and the Brandenberg Mountain Range are shared on facebook. The events that also took place in physical, were shared and can still be found on the Yahoo email list as reported by Stiaan. One could say some of these events happened in real time, though in most realities time clearly doesn't exist at all. Feel free to contact me for more info on this.
So dear family, may this reporting trigger many more gatherings. This comes with heartfelt appreciation for each one in our growing family, for who you are, and all you contribute. I very much look forward to the next gathering I can attend, which may take place in the Netherlands soon!
Shamballa ON!
Nell Tomassen Reboh
Newsletter Editorial Team