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New Paradigm Basic Master Certification onsite
New Paradigm MDT - Basic Master onsite

My name is Charlotte, and I love what I do. Shay Creations is my heart and soul. The intuitive side aids us to find where you are now, where you have been, and where would you like to go. Intuitive life coaching, in the New Orleans area, along with NPMDT, brings out the beauty in all of us. Working with my toolbox of Sound healing, and Kundalini Master teacher, I teach New Paradigm Basic Master, and Basic Master Teacher, to facilitate you stepping into your own power.

Releasing what is blocking you, frees your heart and soul to love and laugh again. I am so gratefulĀ for the changes in my life. I wanted to share them with everyone. This is my soul purpose and gift to you. Energy is a dance with yourself, and I could not imagine a better partner.
Shamballa on!
Metairie, Louisiana, USA