Catherine Siri Sat Liska

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New Paradigm MDT 13D Master Certification onsite

As a Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist I am passionate about assisting people to awaken and nurture the amazing potential of their physical body as a sacred vessel to express their spirit. With a focus on Mindful Movement and Embodied Presence my role is to assist others in taking loving action to support their journey to self-mastery. 

I offer classes and workshops in the Greater Minneapolis, MN area as well as private integrative sessions combining energy harmonizing, neuromuscular re-patterning,  sound healing and ancestral/other lifetime clearing. Through the School of Esoteric Sciences I am a Gem Remedy Practitioner and certified to teach Basic Master, Basic Master Teacher and 13D Master. 

I joyfully invite others to commit to self-love, non-judgment and releasing fear on all levels of their soul in order to  activate their own higher frequency energetic set-point of Love, Freedom and Joy!

Minneapolis Minnesota USA