Questions & Answers

What is MDT (Multi-Dimensional Transformation)?

We are multi-dimensional beings, who have been convinced for eons that we are only 3D physical Beings. We have been living in the illusion of separation from Source and from all other Beings. It is time to end the illusion of separation, heal ourselves, and to wake up to our multi-dimensionality. Transformation involves all levels of our Being. We have many bodies, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies as well. Each of these are a higher vibration than the last, with the physical being the most dense/lowest vibration. Imbalances in our higher vibrational bodies work their way down to the physical body, where dis-ease manifests. The New Paradigm energies can assist in bringing us back to balance on all vibrational levels of our Being and dimensional aspects. If we are able to release some imbalance within the mental or emotional body level, we have saved ourself from the pain and inconvenience (and possible mortality) of physical disease.

Transformation comes as we bring our energy systems back into balance. All healing is self-healing. A person can facilitate healing for another by bringing in certain energies and surrounding them with these energies, or directing them into the body, but only the person him- or herself can accept the energies and decide to release the old patterns of behavior that have brought on the imbalance in the first place. There are no “healers”, only healing facilitators. All healing is ultimately self-healing.

What are the New Paradigm Energies?

They come forth from a time and space where only harmony, balance and love with-out conditions exists. These energies have traditionally been thought of to be in the 5th Dimension, but now we know that these energies exist within other dimensional realities as well. The energies we work with are unconditional love & light healing energies from Source, directed through the diamond “body” of the collective consciousness of the Ascended and Galactic Masters. The level of these energies that we can absorb and use are more available now than ever before, and continues to grow as we expand into our true selves. The clearings and activations that are experienced with the New Paradigm MDT system are first and foremost, geared to assist us all in this expansion into freedom called ascension. “Ascension” is a continual process, not a one-shot deal, and it involves raising the vibration of our physical body to the level that our higher self can merge with it and still walk & live on Earth.  For the Earth, too, is in this process of ascension; we are going along with her, not the other way!

Where did the system of New Paradigm MDT come from?

John Armitage/Hari Das Baba brought the system forth at the request of Master Germain and the rest of the Multi-Dimensional and Galactic Masters. Master Germain called down the original system from Source during Atlantean days. He and his friends used the energies of that original 22-symbol system to raise the vibrations of the Beings who were being used as slaves, so that they could heal and empower themselves out of slavery. This was the original “transformation”, raising vibrations to help Beings realize their own personal power and take control of their own freedom. This process has not changed, just expanded. The system now being brought through Hari Baba covers at least 352 levels of Creation back to the Source of All That Is. It means empowerment through freedom and taking responsibility for ourselves.

Why is the name New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation?

Paradigm is a term referring to the structure of concepts, ideas and beliefs that determine how we see life, society and people. New paradigm is a way of saying we are letting go of old patterns, old ideas, old beliefs and old structures about ourselves and our lives. This is most certainly one of the most important effects that is set in motion with the workshops activating participants with these expanding energies.

The term multi-dimensional is discussed further below. The reason why the word "transformation" is being used instead of "healing" is because the system is geared toward inner personal growth and transformation. In the initial years the thinking was that this system gave those receiving the activations and energies the capacity to facilitate healing in others and themselves. This is still correct thinking however we have come to realize that this is more a side effect from someones own personal transformation. The biggest and most important effect is the transformational impact on each individuals consciousness and life experience.

Why is the term Multi-Dimensional used?

With our customary focus of daily life in the third dimension we are generally unaware of the fact that we are much more than just 3rd Dimensional Beings. We have a presence in at least 12 dimensions of reality. It is just that we are generally unaware of these other aspects and elements of ourselves. In the New Paradigm MDT workshops, attention is given to all aspects of ourselves that allows for harmony and balance to exist within the entirety of who we are.

What is a dimension of reality?

As a rainbow is one entirety with different bands of colour, so also reality is an entirety of vibrations with separate bands of vibration within it. These bands of vibration with each its own personality or identity have been named dimensions. The third dimension is known for time, space, direction and other recognizable elements. So has each dimension its own personality and identity.

What is an activation?

This is when certain specific vibrations and/or energies are literally activated or switched from dormant to active within the individual.

Is there a difference between an activation, an attunement and an initiation?

Yes. An activation acknowledges that the energies already form an intrinsic part of the individual even though they may be dormant unrecognized and unacknowledged. An initiation and an attunement is based on the intention to introduce something from outside of the individual.

What is happening during the activations in these classes?

For one it is a firmer and clearer connection with your Godself [I Am Presence/Monad] with each new activation. This is not to say that everyone gets the same energy level at the same time, but each receives as much as each is able to handle at any given time and activation. So in one and the same class twenty different people get twenty different activations, depending on their level of awareness, development, and needs (according to their purpose in body at this time).

These activations open a person to receive whatever of the available energies they are ready to receive. Some do it in steps or stages, according to the will of their own I AM Presences and the clearing work they have done before and during the workshop. The clearer one is, the more light can come in. Also the light coming in tends to shake up the lower vibrational areas, often causing clearings to continue AFTER the activations, sometimes for weeks or even months. The transformational energies used within New paradigm MDT are ever expanding, so we cannot pin it down into the old concept of boxes, such as: this is Level 1, and you get only this measured amount of light and so on, no matter what. You get what you are ready for, and that makes you ready for more, and on and on!

What is New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation?

New Paradigm MDT is a system of high frequency energies that activate conscious awareness and accelerate personal growth. Through New Paradigm MDT you can release old emotional patterns and beliefs replacing them with Love without conditions and Freedom. This exchange can activate a journey of reclaiming your true self while embracing a life of joy, harmony peace and love

What can I expect from doing a workshop in New Paradigm MDT?

New Paradigm MDT gives you the tools to step into your mastery and create the magnificent life you long to live. You can learn to love yourself while remembering – and allowing – your innate knowingness of your connection with mother-father god and all of creation. John Armitage the founder’s message has always been to be the love that you are, to stand in your power and use that power in love.

What can I expect to happen to me after doing a workshop?

These high frequency energies whose essence is Love without conditions, are flowing and streaming through the body 24 hours a day 7 days a week from the moment of the activations onwards. Their impact is to bring healing, promote balance and harmony.

This can however then mean that all of that which is not Love, is not harmony and is not balance may be brought out into the light to be acknowledged, owned and treated with Love from the self. As the impact of the workshop activations generally continues on for a period of 2 years, this can mean for some people a long process that is set in motion. For some it is being confronted with the inner darkness for a while.

In the first weeks after the workshop there can be a period of freedom and light for some while it can also be a period of confusion and change. The strength and the number of things happening and changing usually settles down after a few weeks and the impact of the energies goes forward in a more gentle way.

All participants have indicated that even when it was a heavy process they would not want to go back to how it was before.

Why are the  workshops levels 1 to 4 no longer being taught?

The energy and understanding of the method has moved forwards so much that this workshop is outdated now. The levels work from a system of one-size-fits-all regardless of the individual needs and consciousness. With the Basic and 13D workshops this has changed to each participant receiving exactly what is right and tailored specifically for them personally as a unique individual.

I have done  levels workshop up to level 4. Can I now just do the Basic Teacher workshop?

No. Even if you have done (any or all of) the level workshops 1 to 4 you will have to do either the Basic Master and then the Basic Teacher workshop, or the 13D Master workshop followed by the Basic Teacher workshop. These are prerequisites to being able to follow the Basic Teacher workshop.

If I have already done the levels 1-4 workshops, am I not just repeating them when I do the Basic workshops?

No. It is not that the levels have been renamed forcing people to just repeat. The Basic workshops are a totally different and updated workshop. The activations given are totally different to those in the levels. And this workshop is tailored to each individual personally, which is not the case with the levels.

Why are  level 1-4 workshops still being given?

There are many, many people who have done the level 1-4 workshops and are entitled to pass on these workshops. Unfortunately many of these people have not kept themselves updated with the evolving New Paradigm MDT system. Many of these people are simply unaware that the levels are no longer recognized or no certificates for them being issued by the School of Esoteric Sciences.

Why have the symbols been dropped from the workshops?

Symbols are a way of calling in a specific frequency of vibration. The facilitator has to determine which frequency of vibration he or she wishes to call in and then that and only that will come. While this can be useful it can also be very limiting. It is also human nature to tend to judge and determine what may be right or good for another person. To help both the facilitator and the person receiving the flow of energies not to fall into the limiting effects of this the  method has moved forward to a new way of working that is not restricted in these ways.

Aren’t the New Paradigm MDT Basic Master and the 13D Master workshops more or less the same?

No they are totally different. Basic Master is a workshop that introduces the person and their entire energy system to the energy of the New Paradigm. The 13D Master workshop uses the New Paradigm energies to renovate the entire electro-magnetic system of the individual and is a reconnection with your own core essence. Both workshops help the individual to move forward on their personal path of transformation. Basic does that in a slow and steady gentle way, and the 13D like taking flight.

What is the difference among these energies: New Paradigm MDT, The Mahatma  Love without conditions, and The Golden Flower Of Life?

New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation is a special energy directed from Source through the Diamond of the collective Ascended and Galactic Masters and the Brotherhood of Light. One can use it to facilitate healing for self and others once one has been activated to it. This is an evolutionary energy which helps us to grow vibrationally under the guidance of our I Am Presence. Master Germain is in charge of grounding this energy in 3D at this time, through John Armitage/Hari Das Baba).

Love Without Conditions [which IS the Mahatma energy] is the heart and soul of the New Paradigm MDT. It is a specific energy described as a golden-silver light with violet sparkles, that was first grounded on Earth in 1987 around the time of the Harmonic Convergence, through a being known this time around as Brian Grattan [previously as the apostle Peter, among other lifetimes]. Brian ascended WITH his body in 1996, paving the way for the rest of us. This Mahatma pure love without conditions from Source /Mother/Father God is a specific personal Love energy that has not been able to be grounded on Earth until these times, because back in Atlantean times people did not have sufficiently developed emotional bodies (they believed their emotional bodies to be detrimental to spiritual growth so focused exclusively on the mind).

The Golden Flower of Life is the Seed Blueprint of Creation. This is the original pattern of life on Earth (most likely of life everywhere, at least in this universe). It is symbolized by a series of  6 intersecting circles with a 7th in the center.  Since all of Creation is held together by Love without conditions from Mother/Father Source, all of the above are related.

Do these three energies have different purposes in clearing, healing, evolution?

The purpose of all healing is—or at least should be—to facilitate wholeness in accordance with Divine will. This means that we as facilitators put all our desires in the hands of the Source. You can use the affirmation, “ I am one with Mother/Father God, I am an instrument of thy will” or “may all be done in accordance with the will of Source and each I Am Presence” or something similar.

Once you are activated to the New Paradigm MDT energy, saying “Shamballa on!” brings in the full spectrum of clearing / transforming / balancing energies from Source through the collective consciousness of the Brotherhood of Light [sometimes called the Ascended Masters, although a better term is the Multi-Dimensional Masters, as this body of Beings is immensely vaster than just beings who have lived human lifetimes on Earth and then ascended to the higher dimensions].

As for the Flower of Life, one can call around oneself the energies of their personal seed-blueprint and instruct their own body to follow those instructions, in order to heal imbalances. Some see this as an egg of blue light or white light. Of course, one must at the same time release the old attitudes which caused the imbalance in the first place, or the transformation will not be permanent.

When you call it in, the Mahatma energy of pure love with-out conditions straight from Source travels down the tube of light [Antahkarana] connecting your chakras, connecting you to Source and to the Earth (when properly activated). You may fill your being with this light, surround yourself, and surround others, personally and collectively. Then they are able to bring it into themselves, if they wish to. It is not something imposed on others, as the other energies as well are only given according to the free will of the recipient. You could do this for people as you walk down the street; a smile is also nice. You can activate yourself with this Mahatma energy every morning, and send it out to the world, the earth, wherever you like, inviting others to accept it as they will. You can bring it into your own higher heart chakra / thymus palace, filling yourself with unconditional love energies whenever you wish, especially whenever you feel yourself succumbing to the energies of fear. Remember that fear and love cannot occupy the same space at the same time, and since Love is all there is, fear is illusion. So use the Mahatma energy to bring yourself out of illusion into truth, into love, into true reality, if you will.

Can children be activated?  What is proper age?

Children can be activated to these energies as early as in their mother’s womb. If a pregnant woman is activated, her child receives the activations as well. There is no proper age, only the “right” time for each individual. The Godself [I Am Presence] knows the answer. The child’s Godself will allow it to happen when the time is ripe.

What is the difference between the New Paradigm  MDT and Reiki?

Master Germain says that this modality is not Reiki, and Reiki is not this modality. He has instructed that our teachers and practitioners not use the term “Reiki” at all. We have moved beyond the use of symbols, as well, so we no longer use or teach them. WE are the energy, not a 2-dimensional representation that is separate from us [which is what a symbol is].

Reiki was put together by the Japanese Buddhist monk, Dr. Usui, from ancient symbols he found in Sanskrit texts, rounded out by some Buddhist symbols. 3-4 of his original symbols are what have come down to us from Germain’s original 22-symbol Atlantean system (see FAQ #4). Reiki was what people were ready for in the beginning of the 20th century, and it remains a wonderful loving healing energy. We are ready for so much more now! It is good to grow and be ready to expand with the energies and with the times. New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation is what Reiki was ready to grow into, and then beyond that. Its energies grow and expand along with the Earth, their vibrations rise along with hers. The non-Atlantean symbols of Reiki do not grow, but remain in their old vibration, which back then was highly advanced but nowadays has been surpassed. We are ready to move on, with gratitude. This is not to say that Reiki energies no longer work, or to cast any aspersions on the Reiki system, which is very beautiful. Also, many Reiki practitioners have been channeling new symbols and ways of teaching. But Reiki is not the New Paradigm MDT, and the New Paradigm MDT is not Reiki.

What is the difference between the New Paradigm MDT activation and a Reiki attunement?

New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation contains the best of and moves beyond traditional Reiki. There are other Reiki systems around nowadays we cannot comment on here.  Some people seem to be growing along with their Reiki, and new systems pop up constantly. Mari-el was an attempt awhile ago to move beyond the constrictions of traditional Reiki. Whatever works for you. Many in the New Paradigm  have been attuned to Reiki up through Master and then moved on as a natural step. They say they would never go back.  However, it is not necessary or even useful to have any Reiki attunements before taking New Paradigm.

In some places there is a much greater difference between a Reiki attunement and our activations, and we would advise everyone to stay away from any Reiki master that wants to attune you in a mere 10 minute session instead of at least a full day of teaching. If you have already been attuned to Reiki by a such a master the short way, we urge you to go within and take a good look at what your life has become after the attunement regarding your health, emotions and life in general. Do you sense the LOVE and FREEDOM that should accompany a balanced and aligned connection to the Source energy?  Going within (beyond the voice of Fear/ego to the I Am Presence connection) is always the best way to determine what is right for you.

Who is allowed to teach the New Paradigm MDT 13D Master workshop?

Only 13D Teachers may teach the 13D Master workshop. They are not able to teach the Basic Master Workshops on their 13D Teacher certificate.

Who is allowed to teach the New Paradigm MDT Basic Master workshop?

Only a certified Basic Teacher may teach the courses for Basic Master and Basic Teacher. A 13D teacher may NOT teach the Basic workshops.

Who may order certificates?

A certified Basic Teacher may order Basic Master and Basic Teacher certificates.
A certified 13D Teacher may order 13D Master certificates.
A certified 13D Teacher with a Teacher Upgrade certificate may order 13D Upgrade certificates.