Cambodia School Project Update ~ March 2014

Greetings from our school in Cambodia and an introduction of new school project! As you all know from the last update (link to update) of our school in Cambodia, this project is making a huge difference for the villagers and children in Kat Phlok village. As this project has been such a success and has assisted so many children in this particular district of Cambodia, the School of Esoteric Science has decided to build another school and continue to co-operate with the World assistants for Cambodia. Enabling even more children in Cambodia the opportunity to study and get an education. There are some funds for this already reserved, but some more assistance is needed. So if you feel in your heart drawn to join in and contribute to this new school project, in accordance with your own situation off course, little or much, it all makes a difference, like ripples of water makes a stream, so does donations coming together, make  a project of divine love in action!
The School of esoteric science is welcoming further donations for building this new school. John organized through the World assistance for Cambodia one of their program officers to travel to the village where the School is located to take some pictures from the village and interview the principal for us; There is only one secondary school in the Preah Kher commune and it is the Shamballa Family School. At the moment they have 365 students (160 girls) and 19 teachers. The principal’s name is Kem Kumpheak, he is married and his wife is a rice farmer with 3 children. The population of the village is 910 persons and 90% are rice farmers. The Students in Shamballa Family School mainly comes from Kat Phlok village but there are also students coming from 16 different neighboring villages. Most of the students are studying hard and they come to school regularly. 85% of 9th grade students continue to study at high school. The principal said that in year 2012 there were 64 of the 9th grader students who had successfully passed their exam to enter high school in the close by town.  In 2013-2014, 90 students are studying in the 9th grade. This is truly good news, these young students have now the possibility to get a good education and profession, it has given them hope for the future and enables them to contribute in the healing of their nation in their future professions. The principal is also specially mentioning how good it is to have an English teacher and computer in their school, because in this area there is no computer or English teacher otherwise, and their students really want to study English and computer skills. It is very important to have this program in the school.
A villager, Ben Sambun, who is a rice farmer and her husband, is a policeman living in front of the Shamballa Family School has two children studying in the School. She is telling us that she herself had to drop from school because of poverty, and therefore she is so happy and grateful that her children have now the opportunity to study. Her daughters would like to be teachers in the future. She is sending a big thank you for building the school and sponsoring the English and computer teacher!
In the pictures you can see the interview of principal and villager, students and surroundings of Shamballa Family School.
Veronica Ramsdahl
Newsletter Editorial Team

Madagascar Project Update ~ March 2014

In Madagascar, one of the poorest countries in the world, more than 92% of the population lives below the extreme poverty line. With almost no resources, many families are unable to send their kids to school, to keep them healthy or clothed. Many children have to work to participate for the survival of the family. In response to these unfortunate circumstances, the association Tafita-Soledam ( in French) has established an objective to help some children open up harmoniously, according to two principles as defined by the International Convention on children’s rights: the right to education and to health.

John Armitage, as the founder and president of the School of Esoteric Sciences, has agreed to support this project. €5,500.00 has been given to help build a school, dig a well, and pay for school furniture and materials. Thirty one children are going to this school in a two story building, with four classrooms, a small office, a shed for the grounds keeper, plus toilets outside.

We would like to thank you, because all this has been made possible only through donations, so please, let the flow continue.

In the picture the children having breakfast - helped by Association Tafita - have a full breakfast before they go to School. For many of them, it's the only meal of the day.

Xavier Beaussire
Newsletter Editorial Team

Madagascar project

Madagascar: new project started in November 2013: building of a school.

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