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Facilitates: Basic Master, Basic Teacher, 13D  and 13D upgrade workshops in Holland.

Also :NPMDT Certificates and Manuals for the teachers in Holland and Belgium.

Everything about growth, awareness and consciousness in all dimensions is my passion <3  I love the pure essence and energy from the NPMDT and see John Armitage as a true teacher that helped me grow on my path to self and innerwisdom.

In 2010 i became a 13D master Teacher and i love to facilitate NPMDT workshops to raise awareness of unconditional love and selfmastery. The 13D master Teacher Upgrade in 2018 (Sofia)

really brought a huge shift in my consciousness. It really feels like living life from a fully integrated I Am, guided by light and love.


Country of activity: Holland


Phone: mail your telnr. and i will contact you!