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Surrounded by shamans since birth, Lisa became familiar with the power of Eastern medicine since a very young age.  In 2004, she was introduced to the wonderful world of energy healing -and found herself walking the path that was unknown to her at the time -yet felt very familiar.

Lisa stumbled upon New Paradigm MDT in 2009, and started introducing and teaching it shortly after.  When she took her first Basic Master Teacher workshop, she had no intention to teach it ~ yet the Universe (through Germain and Archangel Metatron) led her to the teaching path, as a way to empowering others to step into their own self-mastery and awakening them to their cosmic heart.

As a teacher, Lisa is very passionate in triggering the remembrance of others to start recognizing their true essence - and to live more and more in the Divinity of Love.

Lisa is certified to teach New Paradigm MDT Basic Master, Basic Master Teacher and 13-D.


Languages: English and Indonesian.

Areas of teaching: Worldwide.