Lin Hourihan

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Classes Handling
Class Name Class Type
June 4-5 AND June 11-12, 2022 13D MDT Workshop onsite
November 13-14 AND November 19-20, 2022 13D MDT Workshop onsite
October 3-7, 2022 NPMDT Basic Master Teacher Workshop onsite
September 10-11, 2022 NPMDT Basic Master Workshop onsite

I appreciate the incredible gift of these New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformational energies shared by Germain, John Armitage, and treasure all the wonderful NPMDT family I have met along the way. They confirm my metaphysical education from the DoveStar Institute of Holistic Technologies and my beloved teachers there from 1998-2003, as well as powerfully experiencing my I AM Presence in my childhood through the present time. I enjoy a life of joy, love, NPMDT teaching, and incredible transformation in this life. I work with NPMDT energies, multi-dimensional beings of Love and Light, crystals, and flower essences, with their amazing energies in class, therapy sessions, as well as in daily life.

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I have been involved with the NPMDT energies since September 27, 2005, taking the Shamballa 1-4 Workshop in Simsbury, Connecticut with teacher Nedda Witells. Phyllis Brooks was Nedda's teacher. Most recently I have taken the Demystifying Flower Essences January - February 2019 from Phyllis and completed her Making Flower Essences Course. Previously I worked as a Reiki Master Techer since 2001 teaching Reiki all over New England. Now that NPMDT has surfaced as an option for greater awareness and more expanded consciousness raising vibrations which lead to more comprehensive healing and transformation for individuals, I now only work with NPMDT energies since 2005. As we all know, there is no competition with NPMDT and other energy systems, only these most beautiful ever expanding consciousness vibrations available on the planet at this time.

I also work grounding the Love and Light of NPMDT energies in meditations and daily life, expanding awareness and consciousness in my life and the lives of those I come in contact with, as well as sending Love and Light of NPMDT energies to the earth and all countries and people living upon it. I also practice NPMDT in remote sessions, crystal therapy, flower essences and crystal grids for home and property.

I participated in the 13D MDT Upgrade with John Armitage in the Wendell Town Hall in Wendell, Massachusetts, followed by the 9-day 13D MDT Teacher training workshop with John Armitage in Raymond, New Hampshire in 2009. I also took the 5-Day Crystal Workshop with John Armitage at the Marrist House in Framingham, Massachusetts.

As former owner of The Massage Clinic from 2003-2011 and NPMDT teacher, I have taught NPMDT at my business in Connecticut, USA since 2005. Presently I teach NPMDT in the greater Sturbridge, Massachusetts, USA area. I am a member of the New Paradigm MDT Americas Association. I teach in the English language.