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NPMDT 13th Dimensional course onsite
NPMDT Basic Master June 2021 onsite
NPMDT Basic Master class onsite

I offer NPMDT Basic Master and 13D courses for people interested in accelerating their spiritual growth, expanding their ability to channel the high vibrational energies of Shamballa and Mahatma, and learning to live outside fear or limitation based programming and live a life of love, joy, and purpose.  People who attend these workshops range from totally new to their spiritual path, to long term meditators and spiritual seekers.  They are for anyone ready to live an authentic life!

I have been working with energy for healing purposes since 2007.  I currently live in Mount Prospect, IL (near Chicago), where I maintain a full time acupuncture and herbal medicine practice, in addition to offer Shamanic energy healing sessions over a distance.  I assist other healing professionals in mastering their craft to become outstanding healing facilitators through the NPMDT workshops and my online shamanic training coaching program.  I love being a guide for those seeking the Light and the Truth, and helping people remember who they really are.

Mt. Prospect Illinois USA

Chicago Illinois USA