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Mount Shasta NPMDT Basic Master Workshop: November 5-6 onsite
Hey Everyone 🙂
My name is Jared.
I was born in New Orleans and currently live in Mount Shasta, California with my wife Carolina.
My awakening of who I am began in the Summer of 2012, a few months before my 21st birthday.
It was after 5 years of daily yoga and meditation that I had the good graces of coming into contact with "New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation."
This fresh awakening experience took place on the table of my New Paradigm teacher Rachel Saunders in New Orleans.
What happened on that massage table in the Spring of 2017 was a release of pain in my heart, followed by a renewing experience of my heart essence!
I followed up with this experience by taking the Basic Master and Basic Master Teacher Courses, both of which led to my divinely guided decision to move to Mount Shasta and meet my beautiful wife Carolina.
I am so grateful to have the Shamballa Energy as a part of my life.
It has helped me to change in ways I couldn't imagine possible before 🙂
I Love You!
Mt. Shasta California USA