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Classes Handling
Class Name Class Type
NPMDT 13D - New Orleans, May 2024 onsite
NPMDT 13D - New Orleans, May 2023 onsite
NPMDT Basic Master Teacher - New Orleans, May 2021 onsite
NPMDT 13D - New Orleans, May 2020 onsite
NPMDT 13D Master Workshop onsite

Hi! I live in New Orleans with Jim and many incredible felines who have found their way to our family.

I consider myself a communicator… a facilitator of communication, if you will, my job being to help all beings communicate more fully with each other. For me, communicating through the heart is the only way. So I offer my services to help others do the same  — always searching for the appropriate way to get to the bottom of things. I am here to be a moderator, a translator of the energies to assist others in finding their own connections.

Services offered: private sessions for all beings and NPMDT classes (Basic Master, Basic Master Teacher, and 13D Master). I also offer basic animal communication classes.

Join me in New Orleans - or elsewhere! - for some sparkling expansion...

New Orleans Louisiana USA

Languages: English.

Contacts: faun@faunfenderson.com

Phone: 504-234-2686

Website: www.heartscommunicate.com