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About: Ellen van Battum

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  • Experience : 40 years experience in teaching and supporting people
  • Specialist in : Supporting people and animals

Hello I am Ellen

For a long time I am working with humans , teaching them all kind of things about creativity , and express themselves.

Inner child work through meditation and paint to heal wounds of the childhood.

Love to do this. Started first with creativity in 1987, than in 1991 with yoga ,  Reiki and 2006 with the New Paradigm Multi Dimensional Transformation courses. ( Shamballa at that time)

Given healings and  spiritual courses from 1995 and later also healings with the New Paradigm Energies. Myself had a long way from healing behind me, love to be with people , animals and nature. At this moment I live in Bad Sachsa in the Harz in Germany in nature in the mountains.

If you like to experience the New Paradigm MDT energies , you can  get a healing session and make an appointment for a session , this can also via skype.

You can follow the next courses by me :

- NPMDT Basic Healer
- NPMDT 13 D workshop
- Basic Healer Teacher


Country of activity: Germany and willing to travel

City                             : Bad Sachsa / Steina

Language                  : English, German or Dutch

Contacts                    : e.battum@gmail.com

Phone                         : 0031 6 19915585

Whatssapp                : Wob 0049 151 644 57604

Facebook                   : Ellen van Battum