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Hi, I am Daniella Clark. I live with my partner and we have 4 children and a dog between us. My home is in a tranquil rural area near Leslie, Aberdeenshire, in Scotland. I had been a Reiki practitioner for many years but always felt something was missing. After just one session of New Paradigm MDT I signed up to do the Basic Master course in 2015. I had found my missing piece. In the two years that followed my life transformed considerably. I went from allowing life to overwhelm me, suffering from emotional abuse, ill health, anxiety and depression to becoming a capable, strong woman determined to pass on my learning and wisdom to others. Life is not always pretty, and I’ve seen my share of the ugly but New Paradigm has given me the tools to Master my reactions. There is always love.

I have been offering New Paradigm MDT since 2015 and in 2017 I decided I was ready to teach others so completed the Basic Master Teacher course.

Country of activity: Scotland

City: Aberdeenshire

Language: English

Contacts: ofearthandangels@gmail.com

Website: www.ofearthandangels.co.uk

Phone: 07980039683