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My name is Amke Maria van den Heuvel. Born in 1974 in the South of the Netherlands.

My whole life I felt homesick but I didn't know why. After I devorsed my husband in 2008 Shamballa came on my path. I did the Basic Healer Course and then I knew...I came home, this was it.

It helped me so much on my spiritual journey and healing process. My life contained a lot of hard lessons: Devorse, 3 burnouts, depression and an eatingdissorder. All to experience and learn that I had to claim my power back, because I am the Master of my life. So I filled it with Love and Freedom

For those who who seek healing that works Multidimensional and personal mastery, I give the course Shamballa Basic Healer, Shamballa Basic Teacher and the energetic healing sessies.