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My name is Amke Maria van den Heuvel. Born in 1974 in the South of the Netherlands. I am the mother of two gown up kids, a psychic medium, Basic Master, 13D Master, Basic Master Teacher. I worked as an homedoctors assistent for 12 years, fitness- and grouplesson instructor for 5 years, masseuse and had my own massage parlor at home.

My whole life I felt homesick and struggled with myself but I didn't know why. In 2008 Shamballa came on my path. The first course that I did was the Basic Master Course and then I realised...this was what I was missing, I came home.

It helped me so much in my life, on my spiritual journey and transformation process. My life contained a lot of hard lessons: Devorse, 3 burnouts, depression, eatingdissorders and addictions. From all these experiences I learned so  much and I am so thankfull for all the miracles, for becoming a better, kinder and more loving human being.  The courses from NPMDT helped me to stand in my power, maintain my balance and becoming the Master of my life that I am today.


Do you deal with symptoms that are stressrelated?

Burnouts, trouble sleeping, emotional imbalance, irritable, very emotional, feeling of powerlessness, tension in your body like nek- and shoulderpains?

Did you lost your balans in life and want to claim your power back?


In 2023 I started my own spiritual practice Kingdom of Heaven, after my 3e burnout. I give the course Basic Master, Basic Master Teacher and one-on-one coachingsessions with energetic treatments.


For more information:

Contact: info@spiritueelcentrumkingdomofheaven

Tel: (+31) 06-15698629