10/9-11/2021 Basic Master Teacher Workshop

10/9-11/2021 Basic Master Teacher Workshop onsite

10/9-11/2021 Basic Master Teacher Workshop

Step Into Your Mastery ~ Step Into Your Power

Lin Hourihan

October 9, 2021

Seats Available 6

About The Program

Prerequisite for this Basic Master Teacher Workshop is the Basic Master Workshop and/or the New Paradigm 13 Dimensional Master Workshop. This is a three-day workshop here students will learn how to teach:

  • The Philosophy of New Paradigm MDT
  • Theory of Disease and the Emotional Body
  • Theory of Channeling Energy
  • How to Facilitate Energy Sessions
  • Grounding After Energy Work
  • How to Treat Yourself
  • How to Treat Others
  • Brain Balancing
  • Brain Balancing Exercises
  • Antahkarana Activation
  • Hands On Practice
  • Information on Chakras


  • What Self-Mastery Means to You as an Individual
  • The Responsibilities of Mastery
  • Responsibility to Students of a Master Teacher
  • How to Activate Others
  • How to Clear Energy Blockages from the Bodies
  • Hands On and Activation Practice
  • How to Facilitate a Workshop
  • Staying in Touch and the Foundation
  • On Freedom and Boundaries

People are invited to register and pay for this workshop by October 2, 2021 in order that registration to the International School of Esoteric Sciences can take place, and the manual, which is copyrighted and trademarked, can be produced and received in time for the workshop.

Upon completion of this workshop, students will be able to teach the New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation (NPMDT) Basic Master Workshop. John Armitage, co-founder of the NPMDT Workshops, along with Germain, teaches the 13D Master Teacher nine-day workshop.


mat, pillow, blanket: for comfort


    3 Lake Drive, Holland, MA 01521


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