November 13-14 AND November 19-20, 2022 13D MDT Workshop

November 13-14 AND November 19-20, 2022 13D MDT Workshop onsite

November 13-14 AND November 19-20, 2022 13D MDT Workshop

Remember Who You Are

Lin Hourihan

November 13, 2022

Seats Available 4

4-Day 13D MDT Workshop

This 13D MDT four-day Workshop will take place over the course of two back-to-back weekends, for your convenience, November 12-13, 202 2 AND November 19-20, 2022. This is a 32-hour certified curriculum course of the School of Esoteric Sciences. As the year winds down, it is a good time to go within and receive 13 meditations and activations. These are not one-size-fits-all-activations, allowing for individual energetic, personal growth, development and awareness to bloom.

This 13D MDT Workshop includes activations of the most expansive and most recent evolutionary energies available to humanity on this planet. Also included are clearings, code activations, and personal activations including 12 dimensions of these personal transformation energies, plus the 13th activation which opens you to further ones as they become available to humanity and as you are ready.

Students are responsible to bring their own snacks, beverages, and lunches.

This 13D MDT or the Basic Master Workshop is a prerequisite in order to take the Basic Master Teacher Workshop. It is also a prerequisite in order to take the nine-day 13D Master Teacher Workshop, which is only taught by John Armitage.

The cost for this NPMDT 4-day 13D MDT Workshop is $482. This workshop will be taught in the English language with no translator. To register, email, or call 413-245-0129. It is suggested to register and pay for this workshop by October 29, 2022, in order that registration in the International School of Esoteric Sciences can take place, and the certificate, and manual (which is both copyrighted and trademarked), will be published and received in time for this workshop.

Bring mat, pillow, blanket: for your comfort for meditations


    3 Lake Drive, Holland, MA 01521 USA


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