Basic Master / Delafield, WI / Sept 11-12

Basic Master / Delafield, WI / Sept 11-12 onsite

Basic Master / Delafield, WI / Sept 11-12

Ali Ali

September 11, 2021

Seats Available 6

About The Program

We will dissolve what prevents you from remembering your core essence of Love allowing you to step more fully into your power and to live a life free from fear.
With these expanded energies activated within you, you can call upon them at any time for yourself, others and to move along your spiritual path. From this workshop onwards, these energies will flow you through you continuously supporting the process into Love.
Meditations/Activities will include:
• DNA clearings and activations
• Violet flame clearings
• Advanced 12 chakra system clearings and activations
• Practice grounding and using Mahatma & Shamballa
• Practice sending the energy over a distance
• Creating a vortex
• And more!
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    524 Milwaukee St, Suite 308, Delafield, WI 53018


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