April 9-10, 2022 NPMDT Basic Master Workshop

April 9-10, 2022 NPMDT Basic Master Workshop onsite

April 9-10, 2022 NPMDT Basic Master Workshop

Expand Your Love And Light

Lin Hourihan

September 28, 2021

Seats Available 6

Basic Master Workshop

The NPMDT Basic Master Workshop will take place April 9-10, 2022. All levels of energy workers from all forms of other energy work systems are welcomed to take this workshop, as well as those who have no previous experience. Anyone who feels called may take this class. There is no competition in energy work. NPMDT works with the more expansive energy vibrational frequencies available on the planet. Germain is the founder of this original form of energy work back in the days of Atlantis, working with John Armitage in this lifetime.

This is a 16-hour, certified, curriculum course of the International School of Esoteric Sciences. People are invited to register and pay for this workshop by April 9-10, 2022 in order that registration to the International School of Esoteric Sciences can take place, and the manual, which is copyrighted and trademarked, can be produced and received in time for the workshop.

Upon NPMDT certification, you will be able to hold NPMDT sessions for all who come to you for energy work.

Students are responsible for their own snack and lunch, and may click on the purchase button above.

For those coming from a distance, there are many hotels and restaurants in the Sturbridge, Massachusetts area.

To register for this class, click on the purchase button above to pay by credit card. For questions or for those who plan to register by using a check, send an email to: linhourihan@yahoo.com and mail check to: Lin Hourihan, PO Box 75, Fiskdale, MA 01518.

mat, pillow, blanket: for comfort

    NPMDT Basic Master Workshop

    10 am - 6 p.m. both days


    3 Lake Drive, Holland, MA 01521


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